2010 Fashion Trends.

Because it's the end of another year, I've decided to take a look back at this years biggest trends. From Maxi dresses to Camel coats and Denim to leather. When I was younger at the end of each year I'd look back at all my fashion magazines I had bought that year, cut out my favorite pieces of clothing and styles and make a small scrap book about them. I haven't made one this year, so this is what I am doing instead :)

Doubling up on denim was all over the place during the Spring/Summer 2010 trend. All in all, I can't say I had the guts to wear so much denim, but I regret never getting a small denim waistcoat. I got my very own denim shirt from ebay for a tenner, I still wear it and it's originally from topshop. But I never wore it with jeans or shorts, I always wore it with simple black leggings cause Im a bit of a pussy.

One trend I did follow this Autumn/Winter was Camel colours. I have practically lived in my camel beige coat this season, it's become my favorite coat. I bought it in Miss Selfridge for £55, I never spend that much on clothes but it was obviously worth it. I bought so many brown, camel and beige bags cause of this trend, but I only went along with it cause i guess it's one of my favorite colours and I'll still use every single one of them on a weekly basis.

 Another look this year was ruffles. I can honestly say I never bought into this one, but then again I dont buy much high street things anymore it's mainly charity shops. I'm lucky this came into fashion, cause im currently designing a ruffle dress for my textiles design piece. I took my inspiration from sea life and coral so I have a lot of things from recent styles to study to help me design it. This piece was designed by Valentino's spring/summer collection and I found it on the vogue website.

Dolce and Gabbana Autumn and Winter collection started off 2010 lace trend. I love how a lace top can give this glamourous look to an outfit even if its worn without effort. I have recently bought a kookai lace black lace shirt from a charity shop for £2.50 which is beautiful. I like to wear it with my plain black high waist skirt and bright red lip stick.

Then there is Fur, which was eveywhere this winter, I posted a look not long ago of my vintage fur coat I have found, but haven't got around to wearing it much lately. This picture is a fur coat that was part of Roberto Cavalli's Autumn/Winter collection

Other trends this year included...
Maxi dresses, Underwear as outerwear, Leopard prints, Sheepskin, Shorts, Festival Style, Man shoes - brogues, Cigarette trousers, Leather, Big Bows, Minimalism. 

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    1. Love this post, its crazy to think that all those trends are so long ago..but to be honest its nice to see that alot of them are still really valid & havent just been tiny burst trends.

      and do you know what font your header is in? it's so pretty...haha.