Fur Coat

I've been searching the high street for literally months looking for the perfect winter fur coat. literally, I got nowhere, I am probably the fussiest person ever when it comes to coats, ask my mother. So anyway, I carried on my search and loved the idea of a big brown coloured fur coat.

Urban Outfitters

I really liked this one from Urban Outfitters, Kimchi & Blue Lady Bird Fur Coat - £110

I love the stripped pattern in the fur but it wasn't as big as I wanted mine to be, and definitely out of my price range. I thought I could save up for it but ended up buying christmas presents instead. I carried on searching for cheeper versions of a simular coat. I found  another one in topshop that was leopard printed for around £85 but wasn't really what I was looking for.  I was starting to give up about my fur winter coat and settled for a season Beige one from Miss Selfridge, which was an amazing buy as I have practically lived in it. I had finally stopped thinking about getting this fur coat i imagined having, when the other day I went vintage shopping and guess what I found..?

A wonderfully Vinage Big Brown Fur Coat!
Random Vintage - £65


  1. ahhh, love that coat! i have a similar (but not vintage) one i've been meaning to blog about for a while haha.