Bank Holiday Weekend

This Easter holiday me and my boyfriend Aron went to a few beaches in the sun, this beach is freshwater west where they filmed some of the scenes of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows, like the scene where Dobby Dies. Sadly, the little Shell Cottage that was built there for the set is no longer there, it was only there temporarily for the filming. But seeing the film so many times it was crazy how I kept turning around and expecting to see it in the sand dumes. It probably is still there, but us muggles cant see it :) haha. I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend like I did anyways, and enjoy the rest of the time you have off!   


  1. Lovely photos! :) your blouse is really pretty, hope you had a good time :) x

  2. That is so cool that HP was filmed there! I only just found your blog but I really love it, so many great outfits and excellent styling.