Sunday Sale - News!

I've officially opened up my own online store named Pumpkin Soup! There isn't much going on but it's early days, there are a few items up already but expect a lot more stock up within the next month! The point of it is I'm selling my old clothes as well as cheap vintage items I've picked up. So many shops online over price things with second hand shorts being listed around £35 which I think is completely ridiculous. All of my items will be listed between £4 and £15 which I'm hoping people will find affordable. Postage is cheap too,  with items to Uk only being £2. Even better,  if you are a follower of my blog, send me a quick email saying where you are following me and your listed name and I'll give you a discount link :)  At the moment my Kookai Lace top seen on Crushing Limbs is up for sale! Here is link for my shop...

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  1. Love it! I've just opened my own store too! xx