Let it always be known, I was who I am.

1. Hi everyone :) I thought I'd post you a look today. This is my denim Levi's waistcoat which was a gift from my nan. The over the knee socks were from Primark and this floral dress is by motel, I bought it on my 16th birthday. The shoes I am wearing are so comfy and were bought a few weeks ago in New Look  for £24.99 

2. All of my textiles and artwork got given in today, and my teacher told me I got an A in my textiles a level portfolio and overall grade which is good news.  My art teacher isn't so kind in giving me my marks and making me wait till August. 

3. As you may or may not notice, blogger has been down for the past day or so, so many comments and recent posts have been deleted. A few of my giveaway entries also got deleted, so make sure yours is still there on the post below. If you haven't entered yet, do it now! It will take you 2 secs to comment and a few more just to follow me on the websites listed :) Love you guys.


  1. cute ensemble! love the knee highs! i just posed some too;)

  2. Cute! I love your floral romper! :)