Colour me pretty.

1. Hey guys, my nan surprised me by giving me this lovely dress she found in a charity shop. It's originally from Topshop. I love how bright the colours are, it's so summery and pretty. The little sailor pumps I'm wearing are from Primark and were only £5 and also come in blue. The jewellery I'm wearing are part of my Pumpkin Soup Online Collection being sold and featured at UsTrendy so check that out if you have a few minutes. 

2. I need to start making a list of little things I need to get before going to Italy, would you believe I dont actually own any swimwear? I got an email this morning from Urban Outfitters with all their latest swim wear collection. I'm thinking something bright, patterned two piece with high waisted bottoms. I'm not really a big tanner so I'm not bothered about strange and awkward tan lines. 

3. I've had two interviews this week, one is yet to be featured by UsTrendy, I'll let you know once that is live and the other by the lovely Anna-Lee which you can read at her blog Here. Have a nice week guys and I'll keep you updated with another new look soon!


  1. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours yet! Love the make up too :) And if you go for the high waisted bottoms, take some photos? Pretty please?

    turn that frown upside down

  2. Ah wow, I can never find anything good in charity shops :(

    B xo

  3. I found your blog via Fashion Click and I love your style! You are so adorable!!! Lovin this look:D

  4. That dress is lovely! Such a great charity shop find. It's so nice and bright and summery. Well done Nan!
    When you first said interviews I thought you meant jobs haha. Still the fact that people want to interview you is pretty damn cool!
    I just wanted to say thanks so much for entering my giveaway, it meant a lot :) I'll probably be holding another jewellery one over the summer so you'll have another chance to win if you want to enter! : D

  5. aww cute nan!! love the bright print on your skin, it looks amazing

  6. That dress is so cute! Who would donate that to a thrift store?! Great find for you though! I've been wanting a high-waisted swim suit this summer too, but I haven't been able to find one for a decent price. I don't stay out in the sun much so I don't usually tan too much either. I just get so sick of the skimpy bikinis everyone wears.

  7. such a cute dress! love the shape of it.

    -- Style Interplay --

  8. that's a lovely dress and sweet looks

  9. That dress is gorgeous! and I love your hairbow :) you have lovely style, I'm following your blog for sure! :)

  10. you look so beautiful! i love your style and your blog.. followed you here and in chictopia.. :)

    really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back... :) would be a pleasure.