Down in Candyland

1. Sorry about the not so good photos in this post, it's been horribly windy the past few days and near much impossible to get nice pictures, hence my wild hair. I've had this jacket for almost two years now and I bought it from H&M for around £14.99, the shorts from Vera Moda for £34 and the top from ebay last week for 99p! The necklaces were all my grandmothers and are antique, sadly I never met her as she past away before I was born.

2. I'm about to start my shift in work and sadly I feel ill with a cold and really would prefer to stay in bed. On the plus side me and my boyfriend booked a holiday to Itlay last night, and were going the first week of July, which I'm over the moon about! I'm also going to Hyde Park at the end of this month to see Beirut, Arcade fire and Mumford and Sons, all of whom I've seen before and were amazing, so I know it will be good!

3. My shop has done really well this past month, but I was just wondering if i could get any feedback on what type of items you would like to see up to purchase. I'm collecting menswear items and boy jumpers to put up soon, and thinking of more handmade jewellery? If you all could give me a list of stuff you are into at the moment it would help loads! :) I've also changed my blog name to Bambina meaning little girl in italian. Just because I'm fed up of my name being spread around.


  1. Love the hair and the outfit :)

  2. This jacket is lovely for the money, you look beaut!


  3. those shorts are just perfect!
    good luck with your shop :)


  4. This outfit is really cool! Italy sounds nice! Your going on holiday in the same week I am : D I'm sure you'll have a great time. Also, as far as your shop goes, I'm not gonna be good at saying anything because I'm always super scared of buying anything online (eBay makes me freak out haha), but I like your hand made jewelery and I really like chunky knit stuff even though it's kinda out of season now xx

  5. love your hair girl!! very very cute.. and adoring the jacket


  6. loving your outfit and your hair is awesome! xo

  7. Cute shorts, I like the new name :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  8. Okay, your hair is amazing!! I wish I could pull it off!