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(Top from Urban Outfitters -£28, Shoes from New Look £24.99, Waiscoat is vintage, Doll necklace a gift from my grandmother, Ring from Topshop sale £3.50 from £12)

1. Here is a quick look post for you lovely people. I bought this top a few weeks ago, I was hoping it would go on sale but sadly it didn't. I bought it anyway at full price which is something I never do, it was worth it though. They also had them in a white T-shirt too. I've started wearing my hair extensions a lot, I miss my long hair, I've had around 5 people say I look like Luna Lovegood this week, ha!

2. I've been so busy this week! I went to London Monday for a fashion internship interview, I spent the day there and went to some museums and galleries. I'm thinking of going again really soon and spend the whole day wandering around shops and the V&A it seriously is my favorite place to be, I would happily get lost there. I've also moved house! So all my clothes are all still packed in boxes till I can store them it's driving me a little insane. My boyfriend is finally home after being in the Alps for 2 weeks, which is really nice, I missed being able to speak to him.

3. In other news, I'm trying to save for a Mulberry Alexa, so far I have £44, only £741 to go. uh...


  1. Perfect as always! I was actually going to buy that Urban Outfitters top as well, although I'm still waiting for it to go on sale.

  2. Wow your hair looks so legit! I just thought you had been tricking me with a well hidden bun this whole time and actually your hair was that long.

  3. Love the top *

    Lady Fashion, OUI?
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  4. I've been tempted by that shirt! I wanted the white one with a glossy black cross that was on sale but I was too slow and it sold out :(

    You should check out this Ebay shop, she makes similar stuff :)

    B xo

  5. love that top, gorgeous pictures! & hope the interview went well X X

  6. your top is sooo good!

  7. Lovely top, good luck with the saving :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  8. Love the top, its amazing, you look lovely (: x

  9. you look great
    love the tee with the denim jacket

  10. I swear the Alexa has gone up!? Or is that just me being stupid. Good luck! It's such a nice bag, that no copies will ever make up for it!

    Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

  11. Love the t-shirt but more so with the denim waistcoat over.