Postcards From Italy

(Shoes from New Look £19.99)
(Earrings £10 - Urban Outfitters, Shorts handmade by myself £12 - for sale at Pumpkin Soup, Bra Top £ 9.99 at H&M)
(Italian Handmade Leather Sandals)
 (Dark Denim £1 - Charity Shop, Aztec printed £24.99 at New Look, Light blue denim £38 at Vera Moda, Bleeched denim handmade by myself and for sale at Pumpkin Soup £12)
 (Italian Handmade Suade Loafers €45 each)

I came back from Italy yesterday, I saw so many beautiful things. The place I went to made their own brand of leather bags and shoes so the local shops were filled with them. I picked up some lovely jewellery for myself, and some amazing earrings. I didn't take outfit posts there cause it was so hot I just couldn't be bothered cause I looked gross so I've taken some pictures of clothes I took and bought there :) I spent most of the week travelling into different parts of area and on mini cruises to nearby islands. I went to one Island called Capri, where Michael Kane has a holiday home there, and the day after I was there Leonardo di Caprio and Johnny Depp where there! The area apparently gets a lot of celebrities there because of all the designer boutiques there. 

Now I'm back I'm really going to concentrate on my shop. I'm thinking of doing another flash sale on Sunday so I'll keep you updated on that and maybe another giveaway on some jewellery I'm making. 


  1. I'm in love with that bra top you found. I'm going to have to check out my H&M and see if they have anything similar. My sister found one like it at another store on clearance for $5 but they didn't have one in my size. I'd love something like the one you have!

  2. That top picture could be a postcard!! How incredible. I'm from New Zealand and I haven't quite made it to Europe yet (so expensive to get to from here) but I can't wait to go one day!!

  3. The leather goods look absolutely divine! The sketch in the moleskine is inspirational.
    Lovely post

  4. These are some great images, I love the look you put together and all those colourful shoes. Good job! x