Things I love Thursday

1. Mulberry bag  2. Skirt from John Lewis 3. Frill ankle socks from Asos 4. Yellow cable knit cardi from, 5. vest from Topshop 6. Shoes from Office 7. Necklace from

Sorry for my lack of Things I love Thursday, but foolishly I keep forgetting what day it is now I've left school! Anyways, I've started using Polyvore to tame my shopping addiction. So here is a set I made earlier :) I've based it on my wish lists and my fave colours at the moment. I love the tan Mulberry bag, it's such a classic style it will forever look timeless and won't ever go out of fashion. I know they are expensive but I always think bags are investment purchases, especially designer ones like Mulberry as if you care for them they will last much longer than any old tote ever would. I'm trying to save for one, but it's actually impossible at the moment. 

In other news I'm thinking about writing another fashion trend article based on A/W 11. I'm in the writing mood so expect a nice post on colour pallets, key pieces and styles. I've started writing notes in my little moleskin so I'm hoping to write it all up this weekend for you guys. Hope you have a good one! Also I'm using my Tumblr now on a regular basis, if you do have any questions about posts, my blog or fashion in general please send me some through my ask box here!


  1. adorable ensemble! those socks are so so adorable!

  2. Looking forward to reading that artical! It's always good the hear what people have to say on trends and such :) xx

  3. polyvore's great :) i love the colour scheme, and the yellow cardi's gorgeous! xxx

  4. I love the cardigan! I am trying to use polyvore more :)

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