Autumn/Winter 2011

Dolce & Gabbana
 Everyone who reads my blog must know by now, my favourite season of clothing is autumn and winter collection. As much as I love shorts and blouses, knits and layers are always going to be my favourite, so I thought its that time of year again when retailers are bringing it all back in. So here is my post on what colours and key pieces to look out for.

If your buying any kind of party dress think jewel tones, Lavin, Moschino and Chanel were all seen in them on the catwalk. Think ruby red, amethyst, emerald and citrine. Aim for a silky style piece to add a bit of glamour and block it with black accessorises to maximise the colour. For day wear think rustic earthy tones, inky blues and greenish beige. To do this cheaply invest in key pieces in these colours like vests, jeans and coats. While picking accessories like bags, shoes and scarves think blue . There is a pantone colour chart below for a little more insight. I've found an amazing blue patterned vintage scarf I'm putting on my shop tonight I'm selling for only £5, remember colour blocking with scarves are probably the cheapest way to wear colour trends cause they are so adjustable, here is an amazing handbook for you to download for more ideas. click here

My favorite trend in the upcoming season is boyish/masculine style. Think Agyness Deyn meets business woman with tailored suits, bow ties and heavy shoulder pads. This look was seen at Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and Moschino. Wear it with heels for a quick gender shape up on this boyish style and break up monochrome suits with bright accessories. 

My other favorite trend is Fetish. A sexy sleek black leathered inspired trend vamped up the catwalks of A/W11. Embrace sheer, PVC, black lace and oily looking fabrics without looking too 'bondage'. Giles and Marc Jacobs rocked this look in their collections. If you are still wishing it was festival season this Autumn keep your eye on the beautiful and bright traveller look. Think lots of bright mixed patterns, the seventies, sultry glamour and layered knits. 

In a breakdown..

List of Trends: Mascaline shapes, Shimmers & Shines, Sixties, Fetish, Forties Glamour, Tartan, Chocker collars, Monochrome, Autumn Traveller.

Key Pieces: Silk ties, Overcoats, Knee highs, Tailored Coats, Plaid Jackets, Buckled Shoes, Bell Shaped Skirts, Cummerbunds, Black Lace, Polonecks, Knitted Coats, Decorative Dresses. 

Your Colour Pallet: Emerald, Cobalt, Amethyst, Ruby Red, Citrine, Earthy Tones, Inky Blues, Rustic shades, Greenish Beige.


  1. Great post!
    I DEFINITELY need some more color in my wardrobe for fall.


  2. i love the colour pallet! i love the blues too, really interesting post :) xxx