Things I love Thursday - blogs.

This week for Things I love Thursday, I thought I'd share my favorite blogs with you.

Red Brick Lipstick - Photography, art and fashion based blog by the lovely Lily Fulvio-Mason 

Thelman Romu - Fashion blog by Thelma Romu, Finland. 

Ella Masters - a diary of an illustrator and jewellery maker. Her photography is brilliant, she also runs her own online handmade jewellery store called Velvet Feather. 

Betsan Evans - A lovely girl I know from back home who writes her own fashion/lifestyle blog.

Rino - photography blog by Marine Boutron, Paris. 


  1. Oh Tori, you are too kind.. I love Marine Boutron, her photography is so lovely! I also miss your blogging, how is uni?


  2. I love some of these blogs too, gunna check out the ones i don't know now, look great! Just found yours, it's really lovely!!

  3. i love these pictures so much! xxx

  4. aww thank you for featuring my lil illos :) xxxxx