Wish List

After coming home from uni this morning, (I learnt to make a T-Shirt) I've literally been wallowing in self pity in my bed. Not the most productive of things to do, and I don't recommend it, but I did make some sets again on Polyvore (http://torielizabeth1.polyvore.com/) and watched a load of desperate housewives. I've been trying to do some things to cheer me up this week, I can't say it's necessarily made me feel any better. Being hung up on something is a lot harder than I thought.

Apart from all this pointless misery, I have done some (well very little) productive things to take my mind of it. I've started to expand my shop and am preparing myself to do some vintage stalls at fairs. I'm super excited about it and worked hard on making and buying some new stock :)


  1. I love them all, particularly the first set! I saw the wolf jumper on polyvore a while ago and have wanted it ever since :) Uni sounds so exciting, learning how to make tshirts!

  2. Great wish list, I like the first outfit the best :)


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  3. Love them all.. must resist buying them! X