Things I've recently bought.

1. Knitted top - charity shop £1.99 2.  Dragonfly ring - christmas fair £5 3. Green Cardigan - Charity Shop £2.99 4. Navy Dr. Martens - Work 

Sorry for the bad quality photos, but I had to make do with my webcam cause no one was around to take street photos of me for you guys! I really miss having the time to blog, between my shop, having stalls, uni and my job it all seems pretty impossible to keep up! I'm really looking forward to christmas break to have some time to post again. I've been in the middle of making toiles this week for my final project piece which I'm hoping to take some pictures of when I'm happy with it to show you all :)

Mini to do list
1. Take more lookbook pictures
2. finish all my toiles 
3. Start looking for a house for next year.
4. Start making christmas presents.
5. find a swim suit for spa day with the girls
6. Start making my final design. 
7. Find an outfit for my works christmas party.
8. Smile more.


  1. Where is your lipstick from? Its gorgeous. I'd love to have a stall. Thinking about it in the summer :) x

  2. I love the doc martens! have fun on your date :)

  3. Great knit, what a bargain!!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  4. Love the boots and you're looking gorgeous X

  5. love your blog! just discovered it. we have the same nose piercing! x