My week in black and white

Here are some photos from the past week or so. The top picture is a drawing by my friend dylan( hes in the 5th photo) we sat outside a cafe on saturday for a few hours sketching and I took some sneaky pictures of his work. The sketchbook doodles are mine :) We came back and watched the Wales v Italy match and thankfully the welsh one agan! I've been trying to master baking the past few weeks, it's my new way of staying in the flat and trying to save some money, so I took a nice picture of some of the cakes I've made.

I'm heading to London on friday with uni, does anyone know of any good exhibitions on or anything going on I could go and see? I'm thinking of heading to Tate Britain as my visit there has been long overdue. And maybe go and see the David Hockney exhibition, but I got a feeling its bare dollah.

Also I've uploaded a cover song to my soundcloud I recorded last night


  1. Wow, those drawings are amazing!

    - Olivia xx

  2. there's an exhibition at the tate modern about polka-dots that's meant to be amazing! xx