Here I his woman, his home and his heart.

 I spent my Easter Sunday with my boyfriend and my friends from work, we took a trip down to Western Super-Mare :) Although the weather was pretty grizzly and freezing cold by the sea, it was such a nice day! I didn't wear anything to good, just my new converse which look pretty battered already, oversized vintage cardigan and a lot of black.  I've dyed my hair again, it's gone a little more red by accident! I hated it at first but now im not too bothered:) 

I'm starting to come up with some ideas to help me fundraise some money for my third year, I know it's going to be super expensive so If you guys have any ideas please pass them my way :) As well as fundraising for myself my whole fashion course is doing it too to help us all save for graduate fashion week in our final year:) So throw some ideas to me!

Another thing I just wanted to say, I read a little post from my friend lily a few weeks back about blogger love, I'm feeling a little uneasy about my blog at the moment, I've been so busy working I havent got much to update it with. Im trying my best but I would love more comments to know all my followers are still interested in what I write, there are around 300 or so of you so it would be lovely to know what you're saying and you're not still bored of my ramblings! Love you all,


  1. Your hair looks lovely Tori! I've really missed your blog posts, I hope Uni is treating you well. I've not been to Western Super Mare since forever, it looks like you had a really lovely time. T4 on the beach is there isn't it? I've been thinking about going and then I was like what are the chances it's actually going to be sunny? I was asked to take part in a Manchester Uni Embroidery Students end of term show, and they asked people to donate prints of their work and they had an auction. I thought that was a nice idea! You could find a little cafe in Bristol perhaps and ask if you could hold it there.. Thank-you for the mention! I completely understand where you coming. I had an anon on formspring telling me what I said was rude.. But hey ho!

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  2. Cool outfit! x

    Rose x

  3. I love your new hair colour! It really suits you. Weston Super Mare looks lush, definitely worth a trip in the summer. I understand uni must be so hectic so it's perfectly understandable just hope it doesn't get too stressed for you!

  4. I love your outfit and your hair is just lovely.

    Emma x

  5. Your outfit looks so comfy and cute! Especially like the cardi

  6. Love the denim!


  7. I think the red hair looks great on you! I also enjoy the cool layering you did in this outfit. The last picture on this post is so so pretty too!