Let this part of me remember how lovely we were.

Taylor Does  T shirt 

1. Last week I was lucky enough to win a beautiful t shirt curtesy of Ella Masters and clothing store Taylor Does. The design is so cute and the t-shirt is really good quality. I'm going to be living in this through summer as I've been hunting for a nice printed white t-shirt for months to go with all my skirts/shorts.

2. I've finally finished my first year of uni! Which is amazing as I now have 4 months off to work on my blog & shop! I'm making my first bracelet collection at the moment which I'm excited to share with you sometime this week! There will be some discount codes on some of my favorite bloggers websites to celebrate so keep an eye out for that on my twitter and the shops facebook page for some gems on the cheap.

Things I love this week: Lucy rose, Leopard print, Printed T shirts, Bob Dylans oldest albums, Skull beads


  1. Such a pretty outfit! I want that skirt, perfect! :)

  2. You pull that skirt off so well. Love that t-shirt too xo

  3. wow, you look great!:)


  4. fab skirt and i love the gold jewellery! :)