Topshop Wish list

Pastel skirt - £32, Jelly shoes - £24, Cat Bralet - £12, Eye drop earrings £7.50, Earth print backpack £34, Collar tips £14, Pastel blue socks £3.50, Chiffon pants £4, Nail Varnish £5Sunglasses £16
Cross earrings £6.50

1. I spent most of last night under the influence of alcohol being sad about all the things I can't afford on the topshop website. How lovely are all these things? I'm going to have to stay well away from topshop before I buy the whole lot. My faves are the cat bralet and the pastel dyed skirt, I may have to let myself have them because knowing they exist just isn't enough for me, I need them in my summer wardrobe. 

2. The lovely Arabella wearing that skirt I must have in my life. I also picked up that necklace or one somewhat simular the other day in H&M. It goes so well with her outfit but I personally dont think I could pull off big necklaces like that! 

3. In other news I've also dyed my hair black. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it but I'll post a new look very soon to show you all! I'm finding myself being really picky on choosing what to wear to prevent looking too gothic, I've come to realise I own way to many black garms!


  1. The skirt is gorgeous, I always cry at all the things I can't afford in Topshop! x

  2. Those eye drop earrings are amazing!