You could have done better but I dont mind

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 Hello lovelies, here are some photos for you that my lovely friend Amber took for her festival wear project for uni. It's gotten me very excited now I've just had my last shift in work as now I start my new job working at festivals all summer :) I am so excited to get some amazing fashion inspiration from festival goers and I promise to keep you all updated on everything! I'm very happy to have a brake and do something I want to do, I've been in education and working holidays now for what seems forever, putting my shop on top of that and you're pretty much always working. Yes I'm still working but I get to travel all around the Uk meeting new people and new music, which is what I love more than anything :)


  1. this is such a cute blog! love all the festival inspo! following you babes!

  2. love the outfits!so rock :)
    great photos.

  3. Whoop nice! What festivals are you going to?

    Beautiful photos, by the way!

  4. lovely photos, and cool clothes!!
    you're so pretty:)

    maybe check out my blog:)