Black mountain blues.

Cardigan £50, Urban Outfitters, Top £2 charity shop, Jeans £2 charity shop. 

 1. As you can see I've dyed my hair yet again, this time I decided black. I'm enjoying changing my hair a lot recently, I'm experimenting again before I pick a more long term colour. I bought these jeans this week for £2 on a charity shopping trip with the girls. I think they underestimated how good I am at charity shopping and I came home with all the best stuff and bargains! I don't think they were too pleased I found all the things before them haha!

2. From now on I'm trying to update my blog everyday, now I've finished uni I have so much free time  on my hands I would like to build it up more because it does mean a lot to me. I never did think this blog would ever hit it off so thank you to all my lovely little followers for reading and I promise to keep you more updated.

3. Some of you may have noticed on twitter today that the lovely lady behind The Upcoming have written a sweet little note on Pumpkin Soup. Read it here


  1. I love the UO cardigain it looks great!

  2. Those jeans are perfect! Your hair looks nice too xo

  3. Those jeans were an awesome find! They look so trendy! I really like the fun, colorful top you're wearing too. So cute!