When your rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone.

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Limited edition Alice in wonderland necklaces
1. I thought I'd update you with some of my favorite jewels that are currently up on my shop. I've been working on it quite a bit since leaving uni as I haven't much else to do, I'm trying to make the website look as pretty as possible so I'm hoping you will all like the new stuff I've been working on. 

2. I try and keep my prices as cheap as possible, I don't actually make much profit from the store, I dont mind because I enjoy doing it. If you are as skint as me, keep a look out for discount codes floating around on the facebook page or twitter. There is currently a discount code at hand for 20% off over at Katie Browns blog. All the sales are helping me towards my third year of uni (good fabrics are super expensive!) So thank you so much to anyone who has bought something as it's helping me greatly! 

3. Im having a lot of hype with my Soundcloud and music lately and will hopefully have some good news on that front in the next coming weeks :) Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! 

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  1. This is all such beautiful jewellery, I genuinely love every piece featured in this post! If I could afford to break my current spending ban, this would be the reason :-( Lovely post xxx