Destroy the middle, its a waste of time.

001. Here are some photos I wanted to share with you of some texture and print inspiration from gfw. I love love love complex prints in garments and adore new ways of manipulating fabric. I've started taking my camera out more, to try and collect things I like for future fashion sketchbooks for my course. So I'm hoping you will get to see more lovely photos like this in the future :)

002. I've finally been able to move home for Summer which I'm pretty excited about, the past 2 weeks have been pretty rough for me so I think being back in my own comforts will do me a whole lot of good. It will be lovely to catch up with some of my best mates here also!

003. I've ordered some jewellery from the lovely Ella Masters that arrived yesterday. So I'm hoping to blog about that sometime soon, also I've been coming up with some new clothing stock for Pumpkin Soup! Which has probably been long overdue!


  1. Those are really inspiring pics, who knew you can do so much with some pieces of fabric and a few threads:)

  2. Absolutely brilliant post! The 3rd and 4th image are my favourites. I'm your newest Bloglovin' member

    xx Mandi