Featured Blogger #1 - Ciara Baron

This weeks featured blogger is Ciara Baron, a sixteen year old fashion student living in Hampshire, London and runs online blog, a Trickle of Meaning. Her posts consists of her personal style, hobby-photography and style inspiration. 

Why did you start blogging?
When I was about 12 I contracted an illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It caused me to have a severe lack of energy. I was unable to attend school, or take part in any hobbies I had before that. I found blogging around that time, and it really got me through some of the harder months because it was something that required little energy and I could pause and pick up again whenever I needed to.
I started blogging seriously just under a year ago, when I started my fashion course and bought my first DSLR.

What are your main Inspirations?
I take inspiration from every thing around me. Sometimes when I go for a walk I'll take my camera with me and just snap away, you can find inspiration in the strangest of places! I also love to read other fashion blogs, and keep a little inspiration tumblr. 

What are your plans for the future?
Future is such a scary word. I know I want to go on to university to study something around art and design and fashion. I'm interested in so many things- photography, illustration, design, costume. I don't think I'm ready to decide yet, I haven't explored myself and my capabilities enough!

If we were in your local area what would you recommend us to visit?
My local area is such an uninteresting place! The only thing I could recommend would be to have a nose around the charity shops.
You can find some lovely things in there, and they're very fairly priced.

Has blogging changed your lifestyle in anyway? Or given you any opportunities you wouldn't normally have gotten?
I may have only just begun, but it has helped me to develop and understand myself and my style so much. It reminds me to stay creative, and I've learnt a lot about photography and photoshop. Maybe one day it will open some doors for me, but for now I'm very happy to keep it as a personal hobby.

If you could recommend one blog to read who's would it be? 
My current favorite is from a lovely lady named Megan. It's called The Briar Rose, and is filled with beautiful photos of her outfits and her gorgeous long red hair. It's also a really interesting read, and has introduced me to so many lovely individual clothing and accessory websites. I'd definitely recommend you take a wander over there if you have a moment!

Tell us a little about your company...
I very recently decided to open myself a little store to sell my handmade jewellery over the summer. I'm going to be slowly feeding in products over the next few weeks, so I would really appreciate it if you could take a look!

Where can we find you? 
I'm hosted by bigcartel, and you can find me here.

Any advice to other small business owners? I think really I should be asking if you have any advice for me!

Thank you so much for featuring me Tori! :)

email: Tori_elizabeth@yahoo.co.uk

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