hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks

001 Here are some pictures from the past few festivals I've been doing, after Isle of White I headed straight to Hop Farm! I've only just got back and I've missed being able to blog so so much! This weekend I got to see, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, Slow Club, Lucy Rose, Richard Ashcroft, Kool and the gang and The tallest man on earth! It was literally amazing and I'm loving my new job!

002 I'm thinking of doing some ad spaces for free over on my empty sidebar to make it look pretty and to help some of you out with blogs/shops. So please drop me a comment or an email with your HTML and I'll get it up for you!

This week I'm loving: Alt - J, travelling, Pieminsister mushy mint peas, Damien Rice & milkshake.


  1. Ahh so very jealous of all your festival-ing. (Love Pieminister too :p) xx

  2. I have two different-sized banners here: http://wonderlandharu.blogspot.cz/p/banners.html
    I'd be honoured if you put them up here and I'd love to return the favour because I've been your follower for a long time. :3