Mini Topshop Wishlist

Floral Jacket £50, Skull Earrings £7.50, Backpack £42, Boots £62, frilly socks £3.50, Rings £20
001. I've been browsing through Topshop again, yes I know this happens way to regular but these are my favorite things I came across this time around :) If only I had money eh! Those tapered boots are possibly my first love and if they weren't so expensive I'd be running to Topshop before work tomorrow and purchasing them! Sadly I have come to learn I have a growing amount of printed and 'hard to wear' footwear and maybe I should stay well away. 

002. I'm poor because I was naughty last night and bought a Bestival ticket. This has seriously cheered me up none the less and I am very excited to see Stevie Wonder. It's kinda my holiday for the year. 



  1. Love love love the backpack, featured it on a wish list a while ago. Lovely choices, I want it all!

  2. Love the backpack and the frilly socks! Enjoy Bestival :)Lucky thing! xx