Moonshine Kingdom

001. I'm finding it quite difficult to blog at the moment as I've been away from home and sleeping at friends houses till I move into my uni house this week. With only my iPad on me which doesn't let me upload photos from it :( how pants. All I've been doing recently is fashion researching and reading other people's blogs. I think that's been my fix to being frustrated at being unable to post! Ive found some wonderful things I'm looking forward sharing with you when I've got access to my laptop this weekend. Its given me a little inspiration and I've been thinking up loads of ideas for creative makings and doings for Pumpkin Soup, so hopefully some money will appear in my account to actually do them! (yeah right)  

002. I've been staying with my friend Tara the past two days, and it hasn't helped my fashion withdraw symptoms whilst on my travels. Her room is like a cave of vintage goods, she's hoping to become a stylist and her and her photographer friend have set up their own tumblr blog. All we did whilst I stayed there was drool over lookbook. Making us both super sad about how poor we are and can't buy any new clothes.

003. Another thing I've been drooling over is Wes Anderson movies. The Life Aquatic is one of my favourite  ever film so I decided to research some of his movie images. Me and my Dad have always said he'd make an amazing photographer as his movie clips are (to put it bluntly) fucking genius. I gathered some image that inspired me and wanted to share their brilliance with you. Look at all the outfits and the cute colours! Yummm.

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