My first video blog

Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation
St Moriz instant fake tan
Nivea Soft Face, Body & Hands Moisturising Cream,
Elemis Loving lips Lip Balm.
Veet Face Wax Strips
Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle 

001. So I decided to brake my own rule of 'I am never going to upload a video on my blog of myself'. And here we are, I am not sure if I want to do another one, see how you guys feel about this one first. It something a little different, I know I am no beauty blogger but there is a first for everything. I've been getting into products a lot more lately, so thought I'd share my opinions with you. Let me know what you think :) None of these products were given to me for promotional value, all were payed for or were freebies from magazines so my opinions aren't bysed.

Top - Topshop Christmas Sale 


  1. This is the first video I've watched on a blog, and it's really god! Id definitely watch more of yours, very helpful too! Love your outfit posts too, generally love your blog!!
    Katie x x x