The man and the mountain.

001. I'm not one for believing in religion or am I one to believe in lecturing views into others, although I do think it's lovely to have something to believe in. Whatever your views are or your beliefs, I dont think enough people know about Salvation Mountain in California. It's just so beautiful. Made by one man over 20 years with just adobe, straw and gallons of paint it truly is looking at a fantasy landscape. What gets me is the sweet-like colours and the power of one mans passion to create something so extraordinary. The creator, Leonard Knight can no longer work on the project due to ill health, so local residents help maintain it by volunteering to re-paint it every now and then. How amazingly sweet is that?

002. I felt so inspired by the project and I started collecting some images from the web to share with you all, my lovely readers. I'm also thinking of basing my next uni project (whatever that may be) on in the whole thing simply because I love the basic cartoon like prints and the colour palette. I can't help but think Meadham Kirchhoff has taken some inspiration from the art project as it really does remind me of some of her collections. 

I'd love to use this image as inspiration to make a patchwork quilt! 

Imagine how many buckets of paint that have been used overall to make the mountain?! 

All images are not my own - original sources unknown. 

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