You're too old to be so shy, he said to me so I stayed the night.

Tunnel Vision

001. I've been trying to come up with some research to start doing Lookbooks for Pumpkin Soup,  I've worked on re-branding already and just need to find some time! I don't think I have a clear vision for any of it yet, hopefully something will come to me soon. I shall keep you posted on all that. My screen printing kit I had for my birthday finally came in the post yesterday! I want to get to grips with it enough to make some prints for the shop:) I've been working on some screen designs but now I've started doing unisex clothing too, I'm finding it hard to brand it without the boys clothes looking too womanly! Oh dear.

002. Also It's finally getting cold and I'm so so so excited to start buying winter clothes! I've been working on a little list of things I want to get ready for the season!

1. Black heeled ankle boots
2. As many coloured beanie hats I can collect
3.  A new gold chain necklace
4. Pair of burgundy vans (yes I know I've bought into the vans craze)

5. Fitted jumpers
6. Santa Cruz White T
7. More Disco pants
8. Lots of oversized T-shirts
9. Something Paisley
10. Something glittery