BLOGGERS WANTED - Pumpkin Soup past promo images

001. I love being able to work with other bloggers on behalf of my shop, Pumpkin Soup. I love getting images back and seeing how they styled/photographed them. I'm currently on a massive hunt to look for bloggers to work with for the shop, so if you're interested please dont hesitate to contact me at

002. If any of my readers would like to get involved to help spread the word about Pumpkin Soup here are a few things we do when we work with bloggers... 

1. Giveaway collaborations
2. Interviews with bloggers on the shop blog
3. Lookbooks (feature bloggers as models)
4. Shop reviews
5. Badge Swaps
6. Sponsorships  

with thanks to RedBrickLipstick & Kook 
Here is a quick list of just a few bloggers were currently/have worked with...

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  1. Love this idea, it's great that you're getting bloggers involved. I'm quite new to the whole blog-o-sphere (so I fear I haven't many followers or anything), but this looks like a really good opportunity!