My favourite Polyvore sets

 001. Spent this morning at the office and decided on my lunch to browse through some of my old polyvore sets. I haven't used it in so long, but I could literally spent hours building up outfits on there!

  002. I love love love printed garments, I find it difficult putting outfits together some days from my wardrobe because most of it is printed. I've tried to start buying more blocked/basic items so I can get ready a little faster in the mornings! I'm an absolute addict to macs red lady danger lipstick and wear it most days. I'm currently trying to vary my lipstick shades, I've bought an aubergine one from mac recently which is pretty cool, its just super hard to pull off as it's a deap shade of purple/almost black.  

003. I wish I had the guts to wear bralets, I have a few but I sometimes feel quite self conscious in them, plus it's way too cold to wear them this time of year. Another thing, I wish I could wear heels. Considering I worked in shoe shops since the age of 16, I probably only have about 3 pairs of heels, which I practically NEVER wear. 

004. I always seem short on classic white blouses, I also find it really difficult finding the perfect one. I might be too picky but I always have to buy them with the following things in mind - collar style, length, material (not too thin and creases easily). I find lots of decent shirts have style features that ruin them - like tacky buttons and finishings. 


  1. I love the second set! Love the print of the shirt :)

    Belinda @

  2. These outfits are SO perfect.
    The first set is my fav. <3