Soft skin, you were never in love to begin with.

Shoes - Schuh, Coat - A friends, Jeans -Topshop, Socks & Bag - Urban Outfitters,  Jumper - Pumpkin Soup, Hat - My 90 year old grandmothers.

001. Sorry I haven't done any look posts recently, I've actually part moved to London for an internship with the skate brand Carhartt and haven't found much time to take pictures. Luckily I'm staying with a friend now who has agreed to take outfit shoots of me every morning! yay :) That aside, I am actually looking to living on the move for a few months, meeting loads of new fresh faces and managing to put new outfits together by not buying new clothes (I'm way too skint as I am not a paid intern and had to quit my job to work in London) and somehow living out of a suitcase.

002. So anyway, expect a lot more outfit posts from me for the next few weeks. I'm hoping to do a daily post for you guys and get this blog back on track! :)


  1. Love this look! I too am about to leave my job to intern in London and live out of a suitcase for a month! Exciting :)

  2. love your blog!