How a Fashion Blogger Survives Travelling. 

So as some of you may have or may not be aware, I have just come back from travelling (hence 3 weeks lack of posts). I was a little bit apprehensive at first because I am normally a pretty heavy packer and had to live out of a backpack for 3 weeks. I found it really hard to find decent advice before I left about how the hell I was going to plan outfits and look like my normal self without hardly any clothes or accessories with me. So for any of my readers who are thinking or are going travelling, this one if for you. 

W H A T    I    T O O K    T R A V E L L I N G 

Rule 1  
Pack the basics, as much as it sounds horrid to not pack too many florals or prints, trust me its for the best. There is nothing worse than trying to find an outfit when all you have is clashing prints you cant wear together.  Take a printed dress by all means, or even a jacket, but that will be that.

Rule 2
Don't be tempted to take more than you need. I am probably the worst for this, but a packing overload can cause serious back ache and it will put a downer on a day when you are travelling somewhere else. 

Rule 3
Take loads of hair bands, scrunchies and clips. I am not saying you have to be boring and have your hair up, but experiment. It's hard to keep your hair looking good with a lack of hair dryers, straighteners and product. So here are a few nice hair styles to try while you are away. Plaits are a god send. 


Rule 4
Try not to take a pair of jeans. Sounds horrific I know, but it is so much easier taking denim shorts, tights and leggings. This way you can pack more and your bag isn't so heavy or filled with bulky denim. If you are adamant to take some, make sure they are black or super dark cause you wont be able to wash them as often as you'd like.

Rule 5
Take a little bag full, it's the easiest way to not look like a plain jane with all of your basic travelling clothes. One statement necklace can brighten up the plainest of outfits. 

Pumpkin Soup Jewellery

A camera, obviously. Moisturiser!!! A rain coat, tote bag (so handy as they don't take up space in your flight hand luggage). 


  1. Lovely tips!

    Emma x

  2. Do you have a polyvore? where can I find those beautiful items in the first picture? ehhe :)

  3. great tips, I go away for 3 weeks.. in 3 weeks haha! and I'm worried about what to pack. But this is going to help me so much more when I go to NZ so scary I have to pack a backpack for 2 YEARS!?! crazy xx

  4. Love this post! Such lovely advice, and plaits really are awesome! Whether you're travelling, at a festival or just having a bad hair day! xxx