P R O T O T Y P E     M A G A Z I N E 

Images by Tori West with thanks to Prototype Magazine. This is not a sponsored post. 

001. I have been doing quite a lot of publication research in the past few weeks to hopefully help me gain a little perspective for (fingers crossed) a new and lovely project. After browsing through hundreds of magazines one caught my eye, I would like to introduce you to Prototype Magazine, an Independent publication printed and made in Stoke-on-Trent. They describe each issue as a inspring artwork piece that's bound together with love.  How sweet. They trust that each magazine printed should not be thrown, but kept on a bookshelf with your favorite books, or to be read whilst you sip your coffee. So that's exactly what I did. Made myself a cuppa and had a browse through these lovely recycled, non-coated pages.

002. The loveliest thing about the print is it's shape and the cover imagery, the images inside are lovely too, but can be hit and miss. My only worry is is that it's too overcrowded. This may be my own biased opinion as I love simplistic design. None the less its packed with inspiring things for your eye balls to look at. I found a few photographers and business owners I was already interested in, so it was nice to read their interviews and seeing them in a print.

003. After buying all of their previous issues, I could see how the magazine is now starting to evolve, it's getting thicker, less cluttered and the selected advertisers are slowly bringing the print together.

004. I don't want to give too much away, as I'd much prefer you all to support independent publications and buy yourself a copy. Their newest issue 'Enchantment' is for sale on their Etsy store for only £5. And you can subscribe for a whole year for just £15 (That's one free issue a year!). I'm hoping to get my hands on mine when my credit card finally arrives.

More information at: www.prototypemag.co.uk

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