New year and fresh ideas.

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Hi guys, long time no posts! I've struggled a lot at the end of 2013 of what I actually want to do with myself. I'm finding myself in the very last few months of my fashion communication degree and have been lost in mountains of work with no outside inspiration.

My new years resolution is to find myself again, and to do things that make me more content with myself. I guess that was blogging, something I let it slip because of University and being in a long distance relationship. So here we are, my lovely readers who have somehow stuck with me and my blog although I have not posted, a new year and the beginning of a fresh new start.

The images I've posted is a preview to my final degree fashion project. I'm focusing on isolation and the process of being minimised in remote landscape. A love of mine is cold places, so I'm focusing more on Nordic landscapes such as Iceland. I'm also a bit of a geology nerd and been studying the changes of the Islands empty landscapes through volcanic activity.