Current events and honesty.

I have come to realise how much I've abandoned writing my blog. When I first started writing Daughter of Leon I was 16. Every Saturday by best friend Dylan would come over and snap pictures of my latest outfits outside my bedroom to upload to Lookbook. Everything started to snowball. I was fortunate enough to be recognised by fellow bloggers at fashion week and even got stopped a few times shopping by my readers. I wrote for Teen Vogue, got scouted by Cosmopolitan and got voted into the worlds top 100 most influential bloggers. I'm forever grateful, yet very sorry that I may have let you down.

The truth is, I moved cities, went to uni, worked 4 jobs, got two internships, started my own online store, made new friends, lost some, dated a guy who ended up on Jools Holland and had a number 1 album, worked a total of 26 music festivals to try and find myself, graduated with a 2.1, decided to become a folk musician, got a full time job, impaled my hand on a fence
and found an really nice boyfriend, who in fact wasn't an idiot. Everything combined was a little distracting. But with a little help from Taylor Swift, Metallica and a shit load of tea and biscuits I've seemed to stay mentally stable, well... all in all.

With all that in mind, it's lead me to where I am now. Somehow being the editor and creator of an independent fashion photography magazine which is currently stocked in Japan. I guess I abandoned my title of a fashion blogger quite some time ago. In a field over saturated with a million talented style and lifestyle bloggers, I had to move forward with something more challenging.

For the 594 followers who stuck with me (hopefully you are still active) thank you. I am very excited to share with you my next steps as a fashion editor...


  1. How bloody exciting! Can't wait to see where this blog goes :) Sounds like you've been having the best time, so I'm sure we can forgive you for not blogging :P

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