Recent Buys.

Yesterday I decided to go on a January sale hunt, in all honesty it wasn't a good idea and ended up buying very little. I got this top basic stripped shirt though in a sort of maroon red from Urban Outfitters. I got these shorts this week too, I bought them as a pair of jeans in a charity shop near me for £3 then decided to cut them up.

I basically only went to Urban Outfitters yesterday and got so fed up with crowds of people went straight back home. This bag is one I wanted many weeks ago, but I couldn't decide on the colour, the other one was in black. By the time christmas came I couldn't stop thinking about it and vowed to get it with my christmas money. Turns out, it went on sale from £48 to £20. The yellow cardigan was also an amazing buy, it was reduced from £48 to £25. I loved the mustard colour too it, its kind of ugly which made me somehow like it even more....

I got this shirt whilst charity shopping, it was only £2.50. It's really soft and delicate and has these cute polka-dots all over it. I can see me wearing this a lot just cause it's so basic but beautiful.

This is prob one of my fave charity shop buys right now, I bought it in the mens section for only £2.50! My boyfriend is pretty into too, but its bad cause he will ask to borrowing it from time to time as it fits him.


  1. Hehe it's not even January yet girrl :]
    I went yesterday, and I didn't get anything :[
    couldn't find anything anywhere.. and the ONE vintage
    shop that we have in my hometown was closed it was like
    WHATT?! you could be making so much money out of me
    now.. I love what you bought :] and your hair!
    charity shops ftw! :]
    hope you had a good christmas..
    and i've got a new post up if your interested x

  2. Hey lovely,
    ahh i know right, went boxing day at the start of the sales, it was so busy though! x

  3. want your beach house poster.. :)

  4. I have an interesting story about that beach house poster actually!
    It's literally the only one in the world, my dad has a record label and designed this for one of beach houses gigs he was putting on in town. But it never happened cause it got cancelled, so no more posters were made!

  5. I LOVED your bag, your cardigan and your style! :D