My nice new cardigan

Past few weeks I've fancied a dark green cardigan, I finally found the perfect one yesterday in town. I got this one from Urban Outfitters, which im currently obsessed with as I've only ever shopped online but they just opened one in Cardiff. Im into earthy colours lately, which i think is good seen as Camel tones has taken over the high street this season, it's easy to find lovely matching pieces.

Urban Outfitters - £45 


  1. lovelovelove that cardigan!
    but that's too expensive for me, i think i'll stick to my charity shops, haha :3

  2. good catch! Come visit me, doll! and follow if you'd like... it would make my day!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxo, Summer

  3. I know it was expensive, i wouldnt normally buy things like this but I though i deserved a good christmas present to myself :D haha!