These are few more things I've bought recently, sadly the pictures are an awful quality my camera is refusing to take good photos lately. I bought this top yesterday from Zara, I love it cause it's this light chiffon and silk material, and have these amazing pleats on the shoulder. 

I got this jumper (below) from one of the charity shops in Canton for £3, It's made as though it's a cardigan, but it's actually a jumper and the buttons are just for show as well as the pockets . At first I only bought it to make it into a cardigan, but learnt to love it as it was.  It reminds me of sailor's uniforms in a classic shirt style.

I got this really thick knit Cardigan from Random Vintage in town. Its more of a dark lime green colour normally, I just took these photos in bad lighting. Its so warm if I layer it up I can get away without wearing a coat. It's quite big on me but I think it looks better that way. 


  1. wow, how the hell haven't i come across your blog before :]
    i love it so much, i love your blouse following :)

  2. is that your room? it's so pretty *.*

  3. Ohhh thank you lilyfm!!!

    yes this is my room, thank you! x