Charity Shop Jumpers

Today I'm feeling a little bit rough and I think I'm coming down with something so I've taken the day off collage, so I've decided not to waste time and make a new post for you lovely followers. Here are some beautiful jumpers I've recently bought in charity shops. I think this one is my favorite, Its so big on me I can use it as a little dress and is to thick and warm I can sort of get away with not wearing a coat with it. Which is saying something cause the weather in the UK at the moment is below freezing. 

This Aran knit jumper is pretty big on me, and although I love it now I'm probably going to sell it when the weather starts warming up a bit. So keep an eye out and I'll let you guys know if I put it up on my ebay. It's size 18, and Seen as Im normally and 8 I can only pull of the oversized look up to about a size 12. But I'm going to attempt to shrink it in the wash.

I'm in the mood today to post something else later on in the day, maybe another trend post. 
Later guys x


  1. thank-you for the friends request of facebook girly :)
    ooh you have the most amazing jumpers.
    i've got a new post up if your interested xx