Hey Rabbit... You've had it.

Hey lovely people, thought I'd post a quick look for you which I've recently posted on Lookbook. I think I've blogged about this thick cardigan when I first started this blog, brownie points for you if you actually do remember! I was feeling colourful and thought I'd mix a pile of green and rust colours together in this look, the hat is from Topshop and the shoes, as you have seen me in many times before, are from New Look. The scarf was from a small place in my city called Vintage Affair, if you ever visit Cardiff you have to go there, theres lots of old beautiful scarves there like this one for only £3!! Believe it or not I got this Lime Cardi coat from there too :) 

I'm going to leave you with a small warning of me having a lot of work to do latley, so I'm not sure how it will effect my posts, in the mean time I will keep my twitter updated - http://twitter.com/Toriwest92


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  1. you are amazing. i found ur blog through this look on lookbook. everything about it is stunning.