My week in pictures #1

Shoes from Schuh - £50, Blouse from New Look - unknown, Necklace from Camden Market £15, Earrings from Pumpkin Soup £4

1. I'm planning my move now to Bristol this week, I've finally started packing and bought a few things for my flat and some art supplies. I still don't think it has 100% sank in really, and I swear I will forget something important. 

2. I made these special addition earrings from Pumpkin Soup there are only 7 available and are only £4 
each. They are the first thing to be put up from my new jewellery collection. I'm still waiting on some really cute charms to be delivered that I'm really excited to show you! :) I'm trying to build it up as much as I can now ready for christmas. I may also do something special for freshers week if there are more items up in time. 

3. This week I've been full of words and thoughts and decided to attempt to write music, it's more experimental at the moment cause I'm so picky and learnt I can never finish a song as nothing sounds quite good enough. I'm hoping to snap out of it and write something nice I can record. 


  1. those shoes are gorgeous. hope all goes well on your move to bristol! i'm terrified i'll forget something crucial during my move as well :)


  2. I love the shoes and the beautiful shirt! Good luck with the move! xx

  3. Love the blouse, cant wait to read my vogue!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  4. 1st is the best :)
    I like your blog. If you want, we can follow each other ;)

  5. Love that blouse and those shoes, they are lovely! Good luck with the move