This life is more than just a read through.

I've spent a good few hours making outfits on Polyvore today and thought I'd share them with you. I found the most amazing pieces of clothing and jewellery, none of which I could ever afford. I could browse through the categories on that site for days and still be pretty entertained. 

1/ Wedge Shoes by Aldo Eppihmer - £120  2/ Shorts are vintage  3/ Socks $30 from 4/ Lace Blouse $1,070 from 5/ Ring £48 at Harvey Nichols  6/ Earrings £12 at 7/ Necklace from Club Manhattan 8/ Bra from - $36

Look how cute the little binocular necklace is! And luckly I've managed to buy simular charms to make some for my shop which I'm seriously excited about. I saw them a while back in Urban Outfitters, but they were so pricey like almost £20 D: Im hoping mine will be a little more affordable, like around £8 - £10. I actually havent got enough words to describe how AMAZING the wedges are....

1/ Bag by Alexander McQueen - £1,595 2/ Dress - £180, 3/ Shoes from 4/ Cross Ring from Dorothy Perkins £10 5/ Black Stone Ring from 6/ Glasses from Topshop 7/ Socks from

How gorgeous is this McQueen clutch? It's pricey but god it would be so worth the money. I bought simular glasses like the Topshop ones above from London for only £4 at Brick Lane. A lot cheeper than $45! This outfit would be so easy to pull off, it would look lovely with plain black tights and a thick black cardi for winter too.

1/ Jumper from - £865 2/ Shorts as above 3/ Lace socks from 4/ Boots by Dr.Martens 5/Wolf ring at 6/ Cross ring at 7/ Necklace from

I've been dying to buy a pair a docks to wear them with a simular outfit to this. Lucky I work in a shoe shop and can get them discounted. They are probably the longest lasting shoes ever and when I was about 6 I had a smarty sweets pair! They were aces and I always got told off for wearing them to school. 


  1. Love all of these, the shorts are f a b u l o u s! And loving everything else too!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  2. Really love these collages, especially the first two! Love all those socks too, so pretty :D

  3. some lovely outfits here! I'd wear them! :)

    Chelsea x