Planet Hollywood

Some photographs above are of curtesy of Bath Fashion Museum
I had such a lovely day today, I went to Bath for a lesson in the fashion museum with uni which was amazing. I've managed to almost fill up the rest of my visual diary sketchbook with illustrations now for my hand in at the end of the month. They have a really good sportswear exhibition on I'd recommend seeing if you are in the area, all inspired by team GB and the upcoming olympic games. After getting lots of work done me and my friend Mary took the chance then to shop around charity shops and vintage boutiques for the rest of the day which is something I haven't done in a long time! I then spent the night at my boyfriends house, which made my day even more perfect :)


  1. Gorgeous girl, love the outfit. <3
    Cheers from Peru.

  2. Great outfit and lovely photos.
    That fashion museum sounds great!

  3. Love your hair in this! xo

  4. wow that museum sounds super interesting, i might go have a llook there one day :) and your hair is so cute in this post :D I also like your aran cardigan :D

    rebecca x