Blogger Feature #2 - Cara Carmina

This time our featured blogger is the lovely Norma Andreu behind Cara Carmina, a 33 year old mexican doll & children illustration artist who currently lives in Montreal. With 3 blogs and her own business I'm so thankful she found some time to answer all my questions!

001. Why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging as therapy! Yes!!! I was going through a divorce at the time and was deeply sad and depressed... my sister started blogging and showed me her blog! What a cool thing I thought...!!!  so I started my two blogs... and I just focused my sadness in creating them and writing, it helped me so much! It was the beginning of the blogging era so it was such a new thing!!! No facebook, no twitter, no nothing... it was such a nice outlet! And a great way to network and reach out! 

002. What are your main Inspirations?

Children books, art, design, fashion, literature, different languages, different cultures, history, people in the street, stories I hear, movies, colors, México, little things, little details, pieces of old things, vintage photos, miniatures, food, trash, children, cats!!!  there is inspiration everywhere!!!

Quick links!
Mi Verde Limón  - Expressive blog (spanish) 
Cara Carmina - Childrens illustrations 
Cara Carmina-atelier  - Personal Work 

003. What are your plans for the future?

Well... (such a tough question) I want to grow!!!! To grow Cara Carmina to the point that more and more people recognize my work all over the world.  I want to make better pieces, bigger pieces, more elaborated pieces, I want to have a children book, my solo exhibition, I want to grow as an artist and as an illustrator! And maybe take over the world... (Cara Carmina style!) ;)  (I also want to have 10 cats but that`s probable the less likely to happen!) ;)

004. If we were in Montreal, where would you recommend us to visit?

I would say The Mile End... (a very creative neighbourhood full of shops and restaurants!), The “Marché St. Michel” full of vintage and antique vendors (love looking for old treasures), the museums and the riverside  (I live half a block from the River St. Laurent and just love to walk along the river side!)

005. Has blogging changed your lifestyle in anyway? Or given you any opportunities you wouldn't normally have gotten?

Yes!!!! It changed it definitely!  I got exposed to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!  Through blogging I began to open my eyes and discovered art, illustrators, designers, artists, people all over the world who like me where creating their own styles, their own stories, many of my current facebook friends are in contact with me since those days!!! (in fact some still know my by my alias of those days “pajara pinta” (red bird)!!! I used to call myself like that since “Mi Verde Limon” blog title is based on an old Spanish children song about a red bird seating on the branch of a lime tree!!!! ;) (I ended up changing it for “Cara Carmina” to avoid confusions!

Blogging made me realize the power of the internet as a marketing tool for my work, such an amazing way to show your work to everyone!!! Now it´s crazy! We have so many free tools (as artists, entrepreneurs and contemporary free lancers) to be seen!!!!! To share!!!  My life would be totally different without my blogs, all my social networks and basically the internet!  What a great time we live in!  I love it! 

006. If you could recommend 1 blog to read who's would it be? 

That´s such a difficult question... I go through faces... and I do have the links of my fav. blogs in my 3 blogs. Lately I look for blogs with awesome ideas to get inspired... One of my top 5 favorite ones is Elsa Mora´s blog (she has 5 blogs in one so that´s a plus!)  She is an INCREDIBLE artist who makes the most fantastic paper cuts, dolls, miniature books, beautiful illustrations, oh oh oh she is just one of the most creative persons in the world!  (I admire her time management, she creates so many lovely and intricate things, blogs, and has a family! Would love to hear the secret!!!) and plus she is a very sweet and nice person! (that`s always a plus ha?)  her blog: 

007.Tell us a little about your company/artwork ...

My artwork is a reflection of my passionate (to the point of obsessive) personality and my Mexican background, a way to express myself, my work has little pieces of my own colorful world!  I´m a dreamer and a perfectionist, I´m in love with details and try to portray this love into each one of my pieces.  Each doll, each textile collage and illustration has a story behind... I like my work to have a soul!!! I created Cara Carmina as a way to express myself... through the years this expression has become a path to grow as a person and as an artist.  I can see my work evolution and I like it more and more... I like what I do with passion! And I believe you can see that reflected in my work!

008. What's your favorite product?

My Frida dolls and my paper dioramas!!! :D

009. Any advice to other small business owners? 

Very important, if you are not in the internet... What are you waiting for???  That would be the most important one, (You need your work to be seen by others!) Then I would say: be ready to work very hard, today`s world is full of amazing artists and designer entrepreneurs and to be an extraordinary one you need to do extraordinary things...!!! Believe in your work and work hard to make your dreams come true! 

Where can we find you? 

Instagram: @caracarmina


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