London fashion week S/S13

Vintage Shirt - my flatmates, Shoes & wetlook leggings - Primark, Blouse - Pumpkin Soup 
001. So I've just come home from my first London fashion week! I only went for 2 days but got so much out of it as I had a bloggers exhibition pass. I was lucky enough to speak to some designers and interview some bloggers on behalf of my internship with I Love Designer. Head over and follow the blog as I'll be posting daily across the next week on my LFW adventures. I think my favourite part of the whole thing was being a street style scout, I got to chat to some pretty inspirational people and also gain some inspiration myself for outfits. I was extremely pleased that I could visit the topshop exhibition with my pass, Topshop truly is my favourite high street brand, from the clothing, branding and shop merchandising, nothing ever dissapoints me. Also at LFW they were giving away free sweets and I was all about that.

002. After visiting the event I truly feel as though blogging is something I'd love to take more seriously. I've abounded it a little this summer as I've been working festivals so much I've hardly been around. But that's no excuse and I'm going to try and update more looks for all you lovely people who spend time browsing my site!:)


Sophie Webster


  1. love what you're wearing and the outfit of the girl you shot! x

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous! Nice photos!

  3. I was desperate to track down those Primark shoes but could never find them! Lovely outfit, I got a pass for the first time too, woop! :p xx

  4. Fab pictures! I really love your shoes! xx