And I'm a goddamn coward, but then again so are you.

Jeans - American Apparel, Hat - Square Clothing, Jumper - My best friends, Shirt - Pumpkin Soup, nails - Barry M
001. This is just a quick post of my outfit today! I love these jeans, I only ever seem to wear high waisted things and these ones from American Apparel are just amazing! The hat was from a friend of mine who runs an online store called Square Clothing. It's so nice to finally be home for christmas. I haven't managed to do anything yet but I'm hoping to do some charity shopping tomorrow and catching up with some friends this evening. 

002. I'm running a giveaway to win £35 to spend over at my store Pumpkin Soup. Follow the page here and share the latest competition photo to enter. Easy. It's the last day to enter so be quick!