Scruff Shirt

I bought this shirt in the sales, it was only a tenner from £30! I've lived in it since I'ver bought it, it's just so easy to wear, just something to shove on when you're in a rush. I've been trying to sort out clothes today to sell on ebay, but I'm getting very tight with getting rid of clothes. I love them too much but I have way to many now that something has to be done about it. This week I've noticed how much my hair has actually grown, I'm wearing it up at the back in these photos so you can't tell as much. But I can finally style it, I'm hoping to grow it enough so I can wear it in a big messy bun.

I wanted to warn that I have to build some portfolio's for uni interviews and finish a lot of work this week for A levels, so I might be posting alot less. Sorry guys! xx


  1. LOVE the outfit! I totally know what you mean about portfolios! I am just now finishing mine!! they are a lot of work but hopefully (fingers crossed) it pays off in the end. I wish you luck with everything. :