I've gained quite a lot of new followers this month, which is good cause I never seem to promote my blog much really, so I thought I'd try something new. I've decided to do a new giveaway, to enter you must be a follower on either blogspot, blogloving, twitter or lookbook. You dont have to be a follower on all of them, just which ever one you have got to follow me on. Each follow counts as one entry. For example, If you follow me on 2 of the options, that's 2 entries. If you would like to enter comment below with your email adress, what you are following me on, and how many entries you have. All my follow links are in the right sidebar of this blog, and dont forget to promote as giveaway wont end till I have gained 100+ followers! :) good luck!!! Winner will receive... 

A Beautiful Floral Crop top from New Look, size 8

                      little discount for an online vintage splurge @
Rusted Owl Long Length Necklace

And a lovely read.

One extra entry if you  have promoted this giveaway through any of the sites!

on Facebook (1 Extra Entry)


  1. ahh love all of the stuff <3 i know i won't win but i can still try ;)
    i'm following via bloglovin so i've got one entry :)
    Eylem Gökce

  2. Congratulations on all your new followers :)

    I'm following your blog, and on twitter :)
    Hope I win :)

  3. Im following your blog with blogspot! :)
    ceeyracatastrophe at

  4. I'm following via google and twitter! Cute giveaway :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

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  6. This is such a great giveaway! I follow you on both Bloglovin and GFC! SO I guess that's two entries :]


  7. lovely giveaway! i'm following you on blogspot, twitter and lookbook :)


  8. I follow you on blogspot, lookbook, and chictopia.
    Love that crop top!!
    lovecharlesvintage@gmail dot com

  9. I follow you on lookbook and twitter, so that's two! Unless you count having your blogspot bookmarked although I don't have a blogspot myself. :3


  10. ah my comment has been deleted :c
    but i'm following you on twitter and lookbook, and i've got your blogspot bookmarked although i don't have one myself.. if that counts for anything :3

  11. I'd love to win that lovely top :)
    I follow your blog via GFC
    I follow you on twitter as: @Miriassi
    I follow you on chictopia as: Mins
    I follow you on tumblr my blog:
    and I sent you a friend request on facebook as Miriam Gonzalez. My email is miliangoz2 at yahoo, and I think I have 5 entries :)

  12. Hey, what a lovely give away.
    All of the stuff you have up there are really nice.
    I am following you on this, twitter, tumblr and have you as a friend on Facebook.
    My email address is silly email haha!

    P.s let me know when you have new stock in, thank you!<3

  13. i follow via blogspot and bloglovin' :)
    2 entries

  14. I am a fan of yours on lookbook. :)
    ceeyracatastrophe at

  15. Oh, and I follow you on twitter!
    my username is ceeyracatastrop

    ceeyracatastrophe at hotmail dot co dot uk

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  17. I'm following you! I'm not a size 8 but I'll still use it for photographs!
    email I love the necklace I've not been able to find one that I like and this is perfect! xxx