Things I love Thursday - Trousers

1. Normally I usually wear skin tight jeans and trousers cause I never thought any other shape really suited me. Yesterday, I bought myself mustard yellow high waisted paper bag styled trousers. Thats a mouth full. But either way, although they are a little out of my comfort zone, they look amazing on and I've fell in love with them. Wether they are tapered, chinos or paper bagged shape like mine they look so good with flats for the summer and I'd honestly give them a go. These ones I've picked out are from Topshop and range from around £36 to £42. I'm not normally a big spender but I bought mine for £48 from Urban Outfitters. Strangely they make me look a little taller too which is almost impossible for me as I'm a short ass. 

2. I'm on a coach at the moment on my way to London, I'm going to watch a play called Electra with my drama class. I got this feeling I'm going to be bored to death but we get to shop for two hours, this is obviously the main reason why I am going. I doubt I should be spending more money after the trouser incident yesterday but im hoping to find some bead or jewellery part shop to make some nice stuff for my shop. Speak to you laters guys, I'll upload some pictures of my trip tomorrow :) 


  1. nice pants, super comfortable.

  2. Lovely, I have a pair and I live in them :)

    Please take a minute to look at my boutique;

  3. so cute! i love those trousers :)